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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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voice, and with a look and manner, expressive of appre­hension for my safety. I met with no molestation in the church. I walked slowly through the church-yard. Nothing hut respect was shown me. I returned with my family to my house with peculiar cheerfulness, flowing from a faithful discharge of my duty, and the consequent esteem of the parishioners, which, I believe, I possessed.
" I had friends to dine with me on that day, and the church service in the afternoon began rather early. Under these circumstances I might have been absent without blame. But I rose from my table, acquainting my company, that, as I understood the officers, who were at church in the morning, were offended at me, I would certainly walk to church, in the hope of meeting some of them, of hearing what had given them offence, and of coming immediately, before misrepresentation could take place, to a full and amicable explanation. I wished earnestly to meet the angry parties, that we might con­verse together, that I might acknowledge my fault, if I had been in the wrong, and remove their mistake if they thought me so, undeservedly. I had no resentments; I only wished for reconciliation. I went therefore unaccom­panied by my friends ; for I sought not protection. I met not a single officer. After hearing Mr Mossop, the Curate, preach, I returned to my family to drink tea. In the evening I proposed walking on the Steyne, still hoping to meet my offended hearers in the military profession; many officers were there, but I did not recognize any of those who were at the church. No insult was offered me ; for I can hardly suppose that the speech above-mentioned, expres sing a wish for a long, a bloody, nay an everlasting war, could be intended as an insult to me, though it was re­peated close to my ear, in a voice raised above the common pitch, and with peculiar emphasis and action. My sermon was talked of frequently in my hearing, but not with disapprobation. I was pointed out as the preacher,
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