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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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ciples of humanity and Christianity. I expressly asserted, while I was deploring the calamities of war, that the con­ductors of war were often men of singular humanity and honour. I expressly commended the beautiful gradation of ranks in society. I enforced good order; I deprecated anarchy as much as despotism.
" I have already related the transactions of the Sunday. On Monday I went to the Downs, where the whole army was assembled. The beauty of the day attracted thither my friend and my family. I hoped also to meet those whom I had offended, that they might bring their charge against me face to face ; and that I might explain what was misunderstood, or make a frank acknowledgment, if anything could be made appear on my part truly repre­hensible. I hoped the explanation on both sides would be liberal, candid, and gentlemanlike. I cared not how many were present at it. Truth loves the light. I would not be protected by my company, or concealed in my carriage. I walked alone a great part of near four hours on the ground, amidst thousands; the rest I spent with my visitor, with my family, and the family of my friend, Mr Bridger, of Buckingham House, Shoreham. The military were indeed engaged in their evolutions; but they frequently passed me nearly, and might have spoken to me. The company of spectators was very numerous, and much of it connected with the army. My sermon, I have been since told, was a frequent topic of conversation on the ground, and I was pointed out as the preacher of it; but no insult was offered, and no personal application made to me. In the evening I went, as usual, to the Steyne, and the booksellers' shops on the Steyne, and met with nothing in either place, though crowded, but friend­ship and civility.
" The morning of Tuesday was spent on the Stejrne, and in other places near Brighton. Even now I avoided not meeting those who, I had been recently told, were
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