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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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visit him in the camp, and expressing his concern that he had not seen me there before. They might not perhaps have heard of my offence ; but, whether they had or not, it is certain that their behaviour was, as usual, friendly and gentleman-like. I have been since informed by a person, who had the opportunities of conversing in the camp, that, notwithstanding the misrepresentations of my sermon, a great part of the most respectable* officers were far from expressing displeasure at its doctrine.
" On entering the Theatre, Mr Thomas, the box-keeper, accosted me by name, though I thought I was unknown to him; shewed uncommon attention, and begged leave to seat us all in a good place of his own choice. This place was the right hand side-box, next to the stage-box, where the Prince usually sits. He was not there. If he had been, I should have sought his pro­tection, and have been safe in his justice.
'' Soon after the curtain drew up a few officers entered the stage-box on the opposite side of the Theatre. They had not been there five minutes, before their whole atten­tion seemed fixed on the box where my family, my friend, and myself were seated. They looked frequently at me, and then talked to each other with great apparent earnest­ness. Other officers, and several elderly ladies, soon appeared in the same box ; they also looked at us in a pointed manner, and then seemed to deliberate.! Their attention appeared to be engrossed by the consultation, and they seldom turned to the players on the stage. There were several other officers interspersed in other boxes. Messages were sent to some of them, and they removed into flie stage box. A man whose looks were choleric, and who sat in the same box and on the same seat with
* Titles and riches do not make the most respectable officers.
Corporal Truestar.
f Aliquid jamdudum invadere magnum!
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