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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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said, therefore, to my terrified family, • I will go, for the sake of peace. Fear not, they will not hurt women and children. I feel no anxiety for my own safety. There is no opposing so great a superiority of numbers. I hope for an explanation.'
" I entered the Lobby, and had a right to expect that the passage would be clear, and that I should be allowed to retire, as I was ordered, without molestation. But I found the narrow Lobby crowded by persons in regimentals, many of whom, as I passed, continued to use the same language which I had heard behind me, while in the House. No one, however, offered any personal violence, though one fellow in the next box to me, not in uniform (to the honour of the army), continued to call loudly and repeatedly for it. He did not think proper to approach me; for what reasons I know not. Probably for pru­dential ones ; and discretion, it has already been observed, is a valuable ingredient in the composition of valour. He was vox et preterea nil. He did not begin to bray till the whole body of veterans stood around him. Conscious safety fired his tongue.
" When I had arrived—per tot discrimina rerum—at the opposite side of the House, I entered a box, and again attempted to speak to the very few people in the Theatre, who constituted the whole of the audience, except my pursuers, and were, I think, friendly. They were gazing in silence. They knew little of what was passing in the Lobby. They perhaps surmised that some French emis­sary or spy had been discovered, and was taken into lawful custody by the defenders of our country. I addressed them, and they would have heard me with attention. A few of them at last recognized me, and cried Silence; but the noise of my assailants continued. It was insisted that I should not speak to the people. 'Go,' said one who came up to me much out of breath, ' go directly—go you must;' while from behind resounded the cry, « Out
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