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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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-To my very young daughter, who was left behind us all; who, from a peculiar tenderness of disposition, was particularly distressed, and whom my friend was leading along with great difficulty, no other consolation was offered by men, who probably were themselves fathers, than a rough address, ' Don't fret—what do you fret for ?" —A. little kindness to my daughter in such distress would have taught me to forget my own ill-usage in my gratitude. But we were a family of Democrats, I suppose; and it was pure patriotism that taught the defenders of our peace and liberties to treat us all with indiscriminate indignity, to forget, in their country's cause, what was due to them­selves, due to me and mine, and due to public order.
" The world has been told that they were a parcel of drunken boys who committed this outrage. There were some young men among the brawlers; but the ring­leaders were, if I may judge from appearance, veterans in age, if not in service, and of high rank, if I may believe report, in their profession and in society. They did it in sober sadness.
" One circumstance I must beg leave to point out as particularly worthy of notice.—Of the assailants in the Theatre, very few (I believe) were my hearers in the church : so that the rest were probably influenced by the false rep­resentations of gossips, and the dreams of old ladies, to whom I have above attributed some of the ill-grounded alarm and offence. Whether anything which they thought glanced at the finery of their old beaux, hurt the pride of the elderly gentlewomen, I cannnot ascertain ; but their instigations seemed to have considerable effect in stimula­ting the corps, who came into action in the straits of the Lobby, to the most valorous exertion.
"After the defeat, our little family-party walked home, arm in arm, with our good friend, to our house in North Street. In the terrified condition of the ladies, a carriage and the attendance of a servant were desirable ;
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