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displayed in promoting the happiness of human nature. As he was much in the camp, and did not wish to be personally embroiled in disputes, he desired his name might not be mentioned, unless I should determine to prosecute. He is still ready to come forward and give his testimony in a court of justice.
" On the day following, that is, on "Wednesday, the 21 st of August, I had resided at Brighton just four weeks, the term for which I had hired my house. My friend was to leave the town on to-morrow. It was therefore deter­mined that I should accompany him, and hasten, with all my baggage-waggons of sedition and treason, to London. I know not whether the Tower was fortified with ad­ditional works on my intention being discovered; but to London I went, and Brighton Camp, I suppose, felt itself relieved; like Rome when it had vomited out Catiline."
The camp of 1794 was formed, early in the summer, at about a mile and a half to the west of the town. It at first consisted of 7,000 men; when the harvest had been got in it was increased to nearly 15,000, owing to the Militia regiments not being called out until the crops were cleared, the men then composing the Militia corps being principally agricultural laborers. On the breaking up of this camp many of the regiments remained in barracks in Brighton. These barracks were situated in West Street (corner of Little Eussell Street, afterwards the Custom House); in North Street, property now known as Unicorn Yard, Windsor Street; Jew Street; and in Church Street— the late Infantry Barracks, now used as stores, and be­longing to the Corporation of Brighton. Nothing of importance took place during this camp, but that of the following year will ever be memorable in the history of Brighton, inasmuch as it is connected with the trial and execution of two men, and flogging of several others for mutiny, not that the mutiny took place here, but Brighton
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