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march into Brighton till nine o'clock on the following morning, and of course could not pitch their tents till late in the evening. When this regiment was seen on the march to their station, all hopes of an expected reprieve seemed entirely to vanish. The most respectable people, however, of Brighton took this opportunity of one day's delay, to repeat their petition in favour of the two men ; but all proved ineffectual, for early on the 13th June, 1795, the Oxford Militia—the regiment to which the muti­neers belonged,—began their march from the Barracks at' Blatchington to Brighton, to be made awful spectators of their unhappy comrades' punishment, and to be their executioners. At four o'clock the whole were ordered to accompany them from the ground to Goldstone Bottom, at which place they arrived about five. The six men—for there were thirteen mutineers—that were sentenced to be flogged, proceeded afterwards in a covered waggon, guarded by a strong escort, which was composed of select men, picked from every regiment of the line. The two con­demned to be shot followed in the rear in an open cart, attended by the Rev. Mr. Dring, and guarded by a second escort, under the command of Captain Leigh, of the 10th Regiment of Light Dragoons, and one of the Captains be­longing to the Lancashire Fencibles. When they arrived, however, at the winding road which leads to Goldstone Bottom—or Vale—which is surrounded by an eminence, both the escorts were commanded to halt. The six men sentenced to be flogged were then taken from the covered waggon, and, having been marched through the entire line, which was under arms to receive them, they were brought back to a whipping-post, that was fixed in the centre of the different regiments. The drummers selected to flog them were men belonging to their own corps. To three of them were given three hundred lashes each. This was the number they then received, as, from their long durance, and consequent weakness, the surgeon pronounced that
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