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and convenient stand, sufficiently capacious to receive a great number of spectators, is erected on the Course." This stand was burnt down on the 23rd of August, 1808, —a misfortune attributed to the carelessness of the occupant, he having, unknown to the Proprietors, who had allowed him to take up his residence therein,—erected a temporary fireplace of bricks upon the basement floor. Having occasion to leave the building, he neglected a large fire then burning in the above named grate : in his absence the flames communicated to the woodwork of the structure (which was principally of timber), and before any attempt could be made to stay their progress, the building was nearly destroyed. Notwithstanding this occurrence took place at mid-day, it was distinctly seen for nearly 20 miles. People from various parts of the neighbourhood came to the scene of conflagration : some on horseback and many on foot entered the town during the day and night to make enquiries respecting it, apprehensions prevailing that the enemy had made a descent on that part of the coast, and (as formerly) evincing a love (!) for the natives bj' setting fire to their dwellings. The congregating of persons from afar is not remarkable when it is considered how few buildings intercepted the view of the Grand Stand at that time. One other fire, at noon, occurred in August, 1820, —the total destruction of the South wick Brewery,—which was distinctly seen from the Old Church Yard: a number of persons assembling at that spot to witness the same. The brewery, however, was not rebuilt; but its business connection was transferred to extensive premises erected atthenorthern part of Brighton, by Kichard Tamplin, Esq., and called " The Phoenix Brewery" (from the ashes of the old one), and from that time to the present the firm has been successfully carried on under the name of Tamplin and Son.
A singular circumstance occurred during the Eace Stand fire before alluded to. An officer of the Prince'
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