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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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they were then compelled to alter the Course from the top of the same near the Windmill, turning westward, and finishing southward to the Grand Stand. But this state of affairs only lasted one year, an arrangement having been made with "W. C. Mabbott, Esq., the owner, to pay 10 guineas for its use annually. The property was afterwards purchased by the late Charles Beard, Esq., of Rottingdean, who, in the true spirit of a sportsman, returned it in the shape of his yearly contribution to the Bace Fund, and his nephew, Stenning Beard, Esq., the present possessor, has likewise acted in the same liberal spirit, so also the tenant, W. J. Green, Esq., of Ovingdean : both gentlemen at all times afford every facility to the Bace Committee, in the carrying out of their arrangements to secure sport on the occasion of the annual gatherings.
The Course extends over a part of the Hill called Whitehawk Hill, where are the remains of an ancient triple entrenchment, which by some is supposed to be a Roman, and by others a Celtic fortification, though it is probable that it was the resort of the distressed Britons in the time of danger and trouble.
Having treated of racing matters to some extent, we will next allude to that of a kindred character,—Hunting, which extends over the Downs, &c, to a distance of some 20 miles—a country so diversified, and, indeed, so well suited for hunting, that we are not surprised at the large number of sportsmen and others attending at the various " meets" to take part in the invigorating exercise thus offered. The district is well supplied with sport, both hares and foxes being abundant. Sportsmen seldom meet with a blank day; but even in such case a gallop or a walk over the South Downs is alike as beneficial to the
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