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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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.. Capt. Wingfield.
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" Bulbeck.
Duke of Wellington
" Cole.
Neptune ...
" Wallis.
The time occupied by these vessels on their voyage (wind and weather permitting) was from 10 to 12 hours. The journey from Dieppe to Paris was performed by diligence in 14 hours, through the beautiful valleys of Arques and Rouen, and this route being 90 miles shorter than by.way of Dover and Calais, gave it a decided advantage over the other.
During this year, 1817, the Customs House returns of passengers were as follows : from Brighton to Dieppe, 2431 persons; returning from thence 1947. If it be considered that it was the summer season only, and the small number of travellers, as compared with the present time, between the two ports, it will be seen this route was extensively patronized.
The following summary account of Dieppe may not be uninteresting to the reader, particularly as the general manners and customs of the place present a striking con­trast to those of its English neighbours, only a few hours distant therefrom.
The appearance of Dieppe from the sea is very striking, not so much from the size of the place as from the contrast of the surrounding scenery. The cliffs on either side of the town though not high, are steep and rugged, and the ancient chateau, which is built on an acclivity east of the town, adds to the wildness of the appearance. The country, however, round about, is far from being barren or uninteresting ; on the contrary, it is both woody and fertile, and the glimpses of it that are caught from the sea show it to be highly diversified. The
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