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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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The Theatre is small, but very elegant; and the Public Ball Room, situated near it, is capacious and handsomely decorated.
The Castle is a massive old building with round turrets and slated roofs : admission to it is only to be obtained by an order from one of the Corporation of the town.
The trade of Dieppe is inconsiderable, consisting prin­cipally in turnery, laces and toys, It is, however, famous for its ivory carving, which is carried to an exquisite state of perfection; large vessels are modelled in a most beautiful manner, the rigging and sails are made of threads and shavings of ivory, and the countenances and attitudes of the various groups of figures are wonderfully ex­pressive.
Trains to Rouen start several times daily, and the view of the town from a neighbouring eminence on the road to the capital of Normandy is very beautiful, com­manding a fine prospect of the adjacent countries, as well as of the expanse of ocean skirting the horizon.
The roads about Dieppe are tolerably good; they are wide and unpaved, and are in many places bordered by apple-trees, which produce in autumn an immense quantity of fruit, which is manufactured into cider. The chateaux, or villas, are built near the roads, with high old-fashioned roofs, and in many places surrounded with the former paraphernalia of ancient gardening, although very many are situated in pleasure-grounds laid out in a most tasteful manner, and themselves elegantly decorated.
The Norman peasantry are usually agreeable in person, short in stature, and generally quick and shrewd. The women dress in a remarkable, though not altogether unbecoming costume, with extravagantly high caps (like towers of linen) on their heads. But these even the young children have, not even in miniature, the head-
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