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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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dress being often at least half the size of the whole person of the wearer. The men generally use shoes made from solid timber.
The French vehicles are not among the least curious part of continental peculiarities. The diligences have been imitated in London by the omnibuses, but the former can only be drawn up very steep hills by the exertion of nine horses. The horses are harnessed in a most irregular manner, and the driver is seated on the near wheel horse, and in this manner drives usually from four to seven horses. He places little dependence on his reins, which are made of rope, but encourages his cattle by the most vehement gesticulations.
The table d'hote presents to a stranger a novel and interesting scene; novel, because the order of things seems completely reversed ; and interesting, because any thing in the eating or drinking way must prove so to a hungry man. The master and mistress take the two opposite sides of the table, instead of the top and bottom ; this plan affords a facility of communication, which woiild be impossible from the extreme ends of a long table. The company, generally consisting of all nations, range them­selves promiscuously on either side; although it is con­sidered the privilege of the lady.who has made the longest stay in the house to take the top. Amongst Parisians who resort to watering places in France during the summer, many take up their residence at the hotels at so much per diem. They generally retain the same places at the table d'hote during their stay. This will explain to strangers the cause of so many long-necked bottles ranged along the table, to each of which is affixed a napkin, tied with a peculiar knot ; some containing the remains of half-a-pint of vin ordinaire ; others the remains of a bottle of small beer—the stranger must by no means place himself before any of these luxuries. The appear­ance of the guests is also deserving notice. Some are
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