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dressed in the most elegant dinner style, others with large bonnets and shawls; while some from the recent effects of sea sickness, look more dead than alive ; gentlemen in black silk stockings and shoes, some in gaiters, and others in boots, covered with mud or dust; and to finish the picture, in come one or two officers of the garrison, whom a sudden shower has not only well drenched, but delayed till dinner is nearly over, which prevents the possibility of their shifting, should they be in possession of a second wardrobe.
The dinner is generally protracted to an unusual length, in consequence of the host carving and helping everything himself. He begins with soup, then bouilli (meat from which the soup is made) ; then is divided in small portions and handed round, larded veal, or some other made dish ; fish follows, then poultry ; after which, mutton cutlets; French beans, brocoli, or other vegetables are then served separately ; pastry follows. The table is then cleared, with the exception of the cloth, for the dessert, which generally consists of apples, pears, biscuits, &c, with butter and cheese. After which, coffee and liqueurs are introduced—but be it understood, this last is an extra charge. It is not the custom among the French to have their knife and fork changed with their plate.
Those who go to France for the purpose of seeing everything strange, should invariably take up their abode at a French hotel.
In rewarding servants, at hotels in France, the best plan when paying your bill, is to add at the bottom, with your pencil,—servants so much, which is to include them all.
One franc and a half, or two francs from travellers who sleep at the house, is as much as is expected for the waiter, chambermaid, and boots. If you are staying any length of time at an hotel, one franc per diem is always expected.
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