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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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were of gold, and the head-stall in front was also of gold net. The tout ensemble had the most splendid appearance the imagination can conceive.
His Royal Highness was dressed in his state uniform, with gold tassels to his boots, and appeared in high spirits, casting a beneficent smile on every person he passed. The Duke of York was on his right, and the Duke of Kent on the left of the Duke of York—they were both mounted on iron-grey chargers ; then followed Earl Berkeley, and Earl Moira, who was dressed in a Highland uniform, mounted on a grey charger; next General Lennox, Colonel Savary, Colonel Smith, and the Duke of Orleans, and several officers and noblemen. There never was a grander staff. Earl Craven was not present, on account of indisposition.
As soon as the Royal Party arrived on the ground, the signal guns from right to left were fired, then the whole line presented arms, the different bands playing " God save the King." The Royal group and suite passed in front of the line, and took their station in the centre, when the whole passed before the Prince in review order, marching in ordinary and quick time; after the troops had passed the Prince they formed in line again, and fired a feu dejoie, and gave their beloved Prince three cheers, the bands playing " God save the King." The Royal party expressed their approbation at the fine appearance of the men. As soon as the Royal salute was given, a signal gun was fired, and a signal hoisted at the signal post, when the ships fired a Royal salute, the Royal party placed themselves at the top of the hill to see it. The fineness of the day contributed to this grand military spectacle. The Royal Party left the ground at four o'clock. The cavalry were commanded by Major-General Hugonin. The infantry was to have been commanded by Earl Craven; and the whole brigade by Lieut.-General Lennox. There were about 7,000 troopers on the ground.
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