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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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and the initials, G. P., on each side; along the Colonnade, there is a festoon of variegated lamps. Mr Pollard's Library, on the Marine Parade, displaying the plume, and initials, G. P. The Theatre, the plume, richly encircled with a festoon of variegated lamps. Mr Pearson's china warehouse, the corner of Prince's Place, the crown, the plume, and the initials, G. P., with festoons of variegated lamps. The Castle, the plume, and the portico, encircled with festoons of lamps. Mr Thunder's, in North Street. All the Coach-offices are brilliant; and, in differents parts of the town " Long live the Prince !" is placed at several windows.
Ten o'Clock.
The whole town is a blaze of light, from the illuminations and the bonfires, the flames of which reach above the tops of the houses, and are surrounded by near three thousand people. The fireworks are to be seen in every direction. The South Gloucester and Nottingham Bands are playing on the lawn, in front of the Pavilion, and the Prince's Band is playing in the left wing. The Nottingham Militia are at present scrambling with the townspeople for the remainder of the carcase of the oxen, and have succeeded in carrying them off to their camp, spits and all.
Above one hundred persons of distinction, and the Commanding Officer of each regiment that was on ohe ground, dined at the Pavilion this evening. Among other additions to the Royal Party, this day, are the Duke of Argyle, the Marquis of Hertford, Lord Petersham, the Lord Chancellor, and Mr Cavendish Bradshaw. The ball, at the Castle, is well attended.
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