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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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o'clock the South Gloucester Militia were inspected by Earl Berkeley on the parade.
Lady Emily Best, Captain Crampton, and Mr Dalton breakfasted this morning with the Earl and Countess of Barrymore ; the Duke and Duchess De Castries were also there. Mr Crampton seemed to be recovered from the accident he received in his ankle, as he danced in great style. After breakfast he was to have gone to town with Mr Dalton, and the post-chaise was waiting at the door, when the Countess of Barrymore prevailed on him and Mr Dalton to stop a few days longer, and to join then-party at dinner to-day, which they accepted.
There is a gentleman here of much eccentricity of dress and manners. He wears a green coat, very short, and very full-plaited sleeves, green pantaloons, boots, and a whip in his hand. His whiskers meet under his chin, his hair very highly powdered, and a round hat fixed on the side of his head ; and with the dress I have described, sometimes wears a large cocked hat, bound with broad gold lace. He appears about thirty years of age, his name is said to be Cope, and with all his eccentricity of appear­ance, looks like a gentleman ; he is always alone; walks slow; and stops and looks at every lady he passes. We cannot call him the courteous stranger, as he never honours us even with a smile. If notoriety be his object, he has fully succeeded, as the windows are filled with ladies whenever he passes. Even Mr Townsend does not know what to make of him.
The Earl of Clermont went out in his carriage this day towards Rottingdean. There will be a ball at the Castle Tavern this evening. The play for to-morrow night is, by desire of Lady Charlotte Lennox, The School for Scandal, the first time of its being performed here, and the Ballet of The Black Forest; and on Saturday, by command of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, for the benefit of Miss Brunton, The Soldier's Daughter, in
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