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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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ment was brilliantly lighted by magnificent Grecian and Egyptian lamps; three supper tables, for 150, were laid out in the apartment in the left wing ; they were covered with every delicacy that could be procured. At eleven o'clock the ball was opened by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge and the Countess Berkeley. At two o'clock the company sat down to supper. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales sat at the middle of the upper table; His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence sat on the right of the Prince, and His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex on the left; then the Duke of Orleans, and the Count Bcaujolais. In the brilliant assemblage were,
The Duke of Argyle, the Duke and Duchess De Castries, the Marquis and Marchioness of Downshire, the Marchioness of Clanricarde, Earl and Countess of Berkeley, the Earl and Countess of Barrymore, Lord Dursley, the Marquis of Headfort, Lord Petersham, Lord Arthur Somerset, Lacy Angerstein, Lady E. Best, the Hon. Mrs Walpole, Aaron Graham, Esq., Mrs Masters, Sir Win. and Lady Jerningham, Mr Alexander Davison, Mr Sheridan, Mr, Mrs and the Misses Goldsmid, Lady Honeywood, Major Bloomfield, Capt. Davies, Mrs Fitzherbert, General and Lady Charlotte Lennox, Mrs Brown, the Earl and Countess of Kenmare, Count Palfy, Sir William and Lady Smith, Mr Walsh Porter, Mr Burke, Mr Crampton, Mr Dalton, Earl of Clermont, Major Watley, Colonel Lee, and most of the neighbouring nobility, and several military officers.
After supper His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales's health was drank with three times three. The company returned to the ball room, and it was half-past four this morning when this brilliant party separated. The Masters Fitz-Clarence danced all night. The Prince was delighted with their dancing, At one o'clock they took leave of the company. His Royal Highness shook them by the hand at parting.
At eleven o'clock a bonfire was lighted opposite the Pavilion, and every demonstration of joy was manifested by the inhabitants for their beloved Prince. The new organ was placed at the bottom of the room, where the
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