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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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company supped, and played several melodious airs during supper.
His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex left the Pavilion at two o'clock this afternoon, for Kensington Palace. We are sorry to say His Royal Highness is indisposed.
The Duke of Clarence and the Master Fitz-Clarences will leave the Pavilion at ten o'clock to-morrow morning, for Bushey Park. His Royal Highness's birthday is on the 21st, which will be kept with great splendour at Bushey Park. It is expected that the Prince and all the Royal Dukes will be present. Mrs Fitzherbert will give a private ball this night.
Lady Fortescue and the Hon. Miss Fortescue arrived at six o'clock this evening, at their house. Her Ladyship's illness prevented her arrival before.
At eleven o'clock this morning the bells rang merrily for the marriage of Mrs Bythesra, to Captain Sober, of 1st Regiment of King's Dragoon Guards. The ceremony was performed at Brighton Church, and at half-past twelve the newly-married pair set off in a new and elegant chariot and four, for Arundel, to pass the honeymoon.
It is said the Prince will leave to-morrow, but it is not determined on.
Sir W. and Lady Jerningham left at twelve o'clock this morning in their carriage and four for London. At two o'clock their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales, and Duke of Clarence, the Duke of Argyle, Duke of Orleans, Count Beaujolais, Major Bloomfield, and Colonel Lee, took a ride towards the Downs. At half-past three a thunder storm came on, which was accompanied with several flashes of lightning, and severe claps of thunder; the atmosphere was on a sudden as dark as night, but blew off in the course of an hour.
Tuesday morning a deputation of the inhabitants of this town presented the following address to the Prince, to
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