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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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which every householder of note had previously most cheerfully subscribed his name :—
"To His Royal Highness the Prince or Wales,
"We, the Ministers, High Constable, Churchwardens, Overseers, and principal Inhabitants of the Town of Brighthelmstone, with the most grateful recollection of the many gracious instances of Your Royal High-ness's patronage conferred upon us, to which alone are to be attributed that prosperity and those advantages unfelt by, and unknown to, any other Provincial Town, most humbly approach Your Royal Highness, to express the dutiful and thankful sentiments which this recollection inspires, and more particularly calls forth on the anniversary of this day. While we entreat Your Royal Highness to accept these our humble acknowledgments and congratulations, we devoutly implore the Supreme Disposer of all events long to preserve a life so invaluable to us, to whom your immediate protection is so liberally dispensed, and so dear and important in its general consequences to the nation at large."
His Royal Highness received the address with that urbanity and polite condescension which so happily mark his character, accompanied with a gracious intimation that he would still continue to honour the port of Brighton with his august presence, patronage, and regard.
Brighton, August 17, 1806.
This morning is very fine and there are numerous bathers. The Colonnade of Donaldson's Library is sur­rounded with gentlemen, reading the newspapers. The Earl and Countess Berkeley set out for London at ten o'clock. The Chapel Royal was fully attended; in the congregation were—the Marchionesses of Downshire and Clanricarde, the Countesses of Kenmare and Albemarle, the Hon. Miss Fortescue, Mrs Brown, the Misses Metcalfe, Dr. Hunter, and, indeed, almost all the fashionables here* Dr. Blane has arrived this morning, from London, and has given hopes of Miss Johnston's recovery, to the great joy of her family and friends. The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, the Marquis of Winchester, the Marchioness
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