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Earl of Delaware coming of ago, in celebration of which a grand fete is to take place this evening at the Castle Rooms.
As many as 279 cards of invitation had been issued up to this morning, and more, we understand, were put in circulation this afternoon. The bells have rang merrily the whole of the day, and the Castle Tavern has been beset by hundreds of persons, anxious to obtain a sight of the magnificent preparations which have been made to celebrate the event.
Several waggon loads of laurel and olive, of orange and lemon-trees, have been devoted to the ornament and decorations of the superb suite of rooms belonging to the above Tavern, which, moreover, are appropriately illumi≠nated with suitable transparencies and variegated lamps. The floors also are chalked in a tastefully and masterly style, and devices and inscriptions, emblematical of Britain's naval and military triumphs, at ence arrest and please the eye, and warm and animate the heart of every one present.
The supper rooms display almost every luxury which either nature or art could supply ; it would occupy too much space to particularize them. It is now half-past nine o'clock, and the company are fast assemblingócarriages are everywhere in motion, all directing their course, as to one common centre, towards the Castle. It is expected that above 300 persons will be present. No expense, we understand, has been spared in rendering this one of the most splendid fetes that ever took place in England. First-rate cooks and table-deckers, and a numerous train of ornamental decorators have been procured from London, as well as (mirabile dictu) fashionable hair-dressers, and other appendages of the beau monde, too numerous to mention. The cost of all this, in all its various relations, will, it is calculated, amount to at least £2,000.
An immense concourse of persons are collected in Castle Square, and the confusion which reigns is beyond
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