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description. The High Constable and Hcadboroughs had been solicited by the Earl of Delaware to attend, and a room was to have been provided for them at the Castle, with every necessary entertainment; but just as those gentlemen were about to obey, with all possible cheerful­ness and alacrity, his Lordship's wishes, a counter-order was sent intimating that their attendance would be unnecessary, in consequence of a company of soldiers having been engaged to preserve order !
Among the company invited were—
Marchionesses—Wellesley and Camden.
Earls—Bathurst, Chichester, Egremont, Abingdon, and Leitrim.
Countesses— Bathurst, Clonmell, Chichester, Galway; Dowager Lonsdale, Leitrim, Abingdon, Sefton, Conyngham, and De Gouton.
Viscounts—Gage, Hawarden, and Ashbrook.
Viscountesses— Gage, Ashbrook, Templetown, Hawarden, and Dowager Hawarden.
Barens—Gustavus Nollekin and Montalembert.
Lords— Glenbervie and Arthur Hill.
Ladies—Perth, Hyde Parker, C. Howard, E. Pelham, Hariet Neville, Charlotte Scott, Pratt, Caroline Bertie.Townshend, Collins, Asgill, and Baker.
Sirs—C. Asgill, B. Baker, C. Bishopp, James Bathe, H. Dashwood, Godfrey Webster, &c.
Generals—Hammond and St. John.
Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mr Stapylton.
Colonel Duckett.
Major Graham.
At the Chapel Royal, on Sunday, a most excellent and animated discourse was preached by the Rev. Mr Dibdin, on behalf of the Brighthelmstone Dispensary and Sussex General Infirmary : on which occasion the efforts of the eloquent preacher were attended with all the desired success, the collection amounting to no less than £92.
Brighton, Oct. 27, 1806.
The Grand Fete, given last evening by the Earl Delaware, has been the universal theme of conversation
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