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was a transparency of the immortal Hero of Trafalgar ; ou the left a striking likeness of the Marquis of Wellington, appropriately ornamented with laurel.
Dancing recommenced at half-past three, and was con­tinued, without intermission, till six this morning.
The decorative part of the ball-room, &c, was under the immediate direction of Mr Harrison, of the Opera House, and in which the utmost elegance and simplicity were united. The avenue leading to the rooms exhibited the appearance of an olive grove, and, illuminated as it was with variegated lamps, had an effect truly enchanting. The ball room was tastefully hung with laurel and artificial flowers, at the extremity of which were two figures on pedestals, supporting a scroll, with the word "Delaware" and the figures f<21 " in variegated lamps, surmounted by a coronet: in the centre the letter " D," embellished with roses surrounded by glory, underneath his Lordship's motto, Jour de ma vie,* and over the entrance door the date of the year.
His Lordship intends giving an entertainment at the Castle Tavern, consisting of a ball and supper, on Thursday next, to the upper domestics of his Lordship's establish­ment and their friends, at which, we understand, upwards of 100 will be present.
The weather during the whole of the day has been very boisterous, the rain falling in torrents, with a strong south wind and heavy sea; scarcely a carriage has been seen in the course of the day. Munden and Emery perform at our Theatre this evening, in the Birth Bay, for the benefit of Mr Field, Stage Manager.
Brighton, Feb. 6, 1808.
Owing to the excessively high wind of Monday last, the sea rose to a very unusual height, and beat violently
* Day of my life.
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