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which they returned to the Pavilion to breakfast. The fineness of the morning attracted a numerous company to Lewes; every vehicle was in motion, and by eleven o'clock Brighton was entirely deserted.
Brighton, Nov. 28, 1808. The arrivals up to this day include:—
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Admiral Douglas and family, Charles Pcchell, Esq., Colonel and Lady Ann Digby, Hon. W. W. Pole, Hon. Miss Seymour, Colonel Osborne, M.P., Miss Jefferys, Mrs Somers Cocks, Dowager Lady Somers, Sir Robert Burnet, Bart., Richard Somers Cocks, Esq., R. Lambton, Esq., Miles Peter Andrews, Esq., M.P.' John Parker, Esq., O. Price, Esq., Mrs Pilkington, Mrs Thompson, Miss Shannon, Hon. Miss Irby, Miss Hallam, Lady Heathcote, Countess of Clonmel, Lady Jane Scott, Lady Jane Houstone, Mrs Crosbie and family.
The departures comprise the following :—
Marchioness Dowager of Donegal and family, Earl of Lucan,Countess De Vaudreuil, Lord G. Seymour, G. Johnson, Esq., M.P., D. Vander-heyden, Esq., M.P., Mrs Locke, Lady Anne Bingham, Countess Spencer, Thos. Smith, Esq., John Currie, Esq., John Ayles, Esq., Mrs Tryherne, James Rock, Esq., Countess Dowager of Jersey, Lady E. Villiers, Charles Moore, Esq., M.P.
On Wednesday evening a grand ball in celebration of the birthday of the Hon. Miss Seymour was given to a number of the young nobility and gentry, at the Pavilion. The Prince honoured the ball room with his presence for a considerable time, and participated in all the pleasures of the juvenile party, with that amiable condescension for which His Royal Highness is so eminently conspicuous.
The friends of Mrs Fitzherbert's domestics were, on the same occasion, entertained with a ball at that lady's house on the Steyne.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and suite left the Pavilion at a quarter before two yesterday after­noon, in two travelling carriages, for London, thence to proceed (for a residence of some time) to his newly-fitted up apartments at Windsor.
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