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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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chase, and soon secured. A lady who happened to be a spectator of the chase, and admiring the extreme beauty of the feathered captive, purchased him of his pursuers, and sent him to her residence to be taken care of.
On the 6th instant a gang, consisting of about twelve persons, armed with guns and bludgeons, assembled and shot through the woods and plantations of Mr Poyntz, of Cowdray, and barbarously beat one of the keepers.
Brighton, April 18, 1809.
The Prince will not honour this place with his presence during the Easter Holidays, as was expected; but His Royal Highness, we understand, has signified his intention of residing at his Pavilion at an early period of the summer season.
Lieutenant-General Lord Charles Somerset, accom­panied by his brother Lord John, arrived here on Wednes­day, but stopped only till Saturday, when they took their departure for London.
The Earl of Egremont, Earl Nelson, Lady Charlotte Nelson, and Sir James Poultney, Secretary of War, also arrived here on Saturday last.
The last week's arrivals were:—
The Marchioness of Downshire, Lord Bruce and family, Lady Charlotte Greville, Lady Ann Womb well, Sir George Wombwell, Hon. H. Pierrepoint, Hon. C. P. Pierrepoint, Sir W. and Lady James, Colonel Wheatley, Henry Greville, Esq., Charles Greville, Esq., B. Pugh, Esq. and family, Hon. Wm. Broderick, Mr Crosbie and family, Mr A damson and family, Miss Williamson, Mrs Markett and family, Major Ollney and family, Lieut. Stephenson, Mr Arthur, S. T. Russell, Esq., Richard Wellesley, Esq., Miss Williams, Wm. Jones, Esq , Mrs Forbes, Mrs Skinner, — Sandys, Esq., and John Day, Esq.
And our departures :—
General Harcourt and Lady, Capt. Millman, T. H. Sitwell, Esq., Samuel Croft, Esq., Mrs Prideaux and family, Miss Courtenay, and Mr Begbie.
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