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men ; bets were 5 to 4 on Mr Grosvenor's Meteora; and among the most spirited gentlemen the odds were much greater upon this favoured horse, who won the gold cup given by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. It was a most interesting race, the horses kept so close together, that a table-cloth might have covered them ; but Meteora, notwithstanding, was never pressed, being evidently able to win at pleasure. The course had a most brilliant appearance. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (who was dressed in the Hussar uniform), the Countess Berkeley, the Hon. Miss Seymour and Mrs Fitzherbert, arrived on the ground at a quarter-past one, in the Prince's barouche and six beautiful bays. His Royal Highness then mounted his grey charger. The Duchess of Marlborough also honoured the ground with her presence. Her Grace was accompanied by Lady E. Spencer, and came in an elegant landau-barouche, drawn by six horses, with three out-riders. The servants wore new riding dresses, richly trimmed with silver. As soon as Her Grace arrived on the ground, His Royal Highness went up to the carriage, and conversed with her and Lady E. Spencer. The racing was over by half-past three, when His Royal Highness dismounted and got into his barouche, and returned to the Pavilion. Several were detained on the hill by the attraction of a large fleet of transports which appeared in the offing, steering to west­ward. They made signal at our port, and were to be seen during the whole of this evening, it being quite calm and clear. We expect that the review, which will take place on the 12th instant, will be one of the grandest ever seen here. It is supposed that the troops will amount to upwards of 12,000, which will consist of the Royal Artillery, 10th Light Dragoons, and Second and Third Dragoon Guards, on the right and left of the line, commanded by Major Hugonin; the Royal North Gloucester, West Essex, Royal Bucks, Royal Berkshire,
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