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Royal Montgomery, and South Hants will compose part of the right wing, under the command of General Dyott; the Royal South Gloucester, Sussex, Nottingham, Northumberland, and Royal East Middlesex will form to the left.
The following is a description of the Sham Fight of the 12th August, 1809, before alluded to :
On Saturday last, Lord Craven's Brigade, consisting of the South Gloucester, the West Essex, the Nottingham, and the Cheshire regiments of Militia, stationed in the vicinity of Brighton, assembled at Goldstone Bottom, for the purpose of being reviewed by Lieutenant-General Lennox, who commands the District. In addition to the above regiments, there were likewise a detatchment of Flying artillery, and a squadron of the 1st Dragoon Guards, making the whole number of troops on the ground upwards of 4,000. The General and his attendants appeared about eleven, when the business of the day immediately commenced, without the ceremonious compliments usually observed upon such occasions. The enemy was represented by some small detachments of Infantry and Cavalry, and was supposed to have taken possession of a little village, flanked by a corps, at no considerable distance. To dislodge him from this fastness was conceived to be the object of the attacking party, The Grenadier companies, which had been previously formed into a distinct battalion, proceeded to assail him, covered by a proportionate number of Dragoons and Light Infantry, who scoured the thicket. Some skirmishing now commenced between the advanced posts, and the Artillery maintained a well-directed fire against the village. The main army, with their light companies in front, and a corps of reserve in its rear, was next formed into four close columns, consisting of the battalion companies of
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