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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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were discarded for something of a more recherche descrip­tion, and gave rise to the following well-penned satire, which illustrates the revelry in those days of these " substantial and discreet" Guardians:—
Dear Brother Electors, when chosen Directors,
In order your suffrage next year to ensure; We all began eating and drinking and treating,
At the parish expense—for the good of the poor !
At first our suggestion was call'd into question, And objections were made by the low and obscure,
But we carried our points for fish, fowl, and joints, And feasted away—for the good of the poor !
And with salmon and dory wer'nt we in our glory— When we'd dined with the zest of a real epicure ? We, like glorious elves, drank our own noble selves, With hip, hip, hurrah !—for the good of the poor!
Then we order'd fresh brandy, we found twasn't handy To drink common brown like the low or impure,—
'Twas thick and looked dirty, so we got some at thirty-Five shillings a gallon—for the good of the poor !
We next gave up port and all wines of that sort
As only designed the vile paupers to cure ; And resolved to be merry, got glorious with sherry,
And staggerad to bed—for the good of the poor !
We next built a summer-house, ne'er was a rummer house,— 'Twas an old boat vamp'd up, 'twasn't meant to endure;
We determined next quarter to get something smarter— A snug smoking box—for the good of the poor.
Meanwhile our retreat for tbe present look'd neat,
The site was so pleasant, the air was so pure, Each served by his lackey; we puffed off our backey,
In sight of the paupers—for the good of the poor !
And for fear that our banker should bring us to anchor, " Cut off our supplies," and refuse to give more;
We resolved to raise money like bees making honey, And spend it in feasts—for the good of the poor!
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