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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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So we sent out our letters to poor parish debtors,
To tell them that, brimful of anger and fur— Y, we'd sell all their chattels, their goods and their catties,
If they didn't pay up—for the good of the poor.
There was first Muster Barnes, he's the gemman wot larns How to make Norfolk pies that no stomachs endure ;
But we wash'd out our throttles, with jolly full bottles, And swallow'd the pie—for the good of the poor!
And next Muster Griffin sent fish for our tiffin —
We though 'twas a gift, but 'twas only a lure ; For when he'd sent dollops of lobsters and scollops,
Why he sent in his bill—for the good of the poor !
And then Muster Hewitt, 0 didn't he do it
Like a gent or a nobleman ?—yes, to be sure ! In nought to be lacking, he bought parish blacking,
And shone in his shoes—for the good of the poor!
Thus, Electors of Brighton, we beg to enlighten Your minds on our merits ; we now say no more ;
But we hope that next Easter, each jolly good feaster Will be chosen again—for the good of the poor !
For with feasting and dining and drinking and shining We've the Scripture fulfilled, our election made sure,
And, in spite of the papers exposing our capers, We shall claim all your votes—for the good of the poor!
As may be supposed, the abuse brought about its own remedy, the outcry against these gourmands was great ou all sides, and a new order of things prevailed. It may be here justly remarked of the Board of Guardians : for many years past no body of men has striven more indefatigably in the carrying out of the onerous duties of rendering assistance to and relieving their less fortunate brethren, by the dispensing to them of necessaries and comforts so far as is compatible with the interests of the ratepayers. The present worthy Chairman, Mr James Flowers, has been for many years most assiduous in the discharge of his duties,
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