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in which ho has been assisted by the very able Clerk to the Bonrd, Mr Alfred Morris, and his officials. The manage­ment of the Workhouse also claims our compliment: it has been entrusted to Mr Edward Sattin (the Governor) and his wife (the Matron), who are assisted by a numerous staff of subordinates, and, in order to show the extent of means at the disposal of the Board, the following respectively represent the two poor's rates of last year :— First Poor Eate of Is 4d in the £, made March, 1870, £28,713 7s 5d ; Second Poor Eate at Is Gd in the £, made September, 1870, £32,252 14s 4d. A great anomaly exists in the appropriation of money raised for relief of the poor to the payment of salaries and other expenses which justly belong to the Corporation, viz. :—The Recorder, Town Clerk, Stipendiary Magistrate, Accountant, and Crier of the Court; the expenses incurred in the election of members of the Corporation, Coroner's inquests, criminal prosecutions; the maintenance of prisoners in the County Gaol, a proportion of the cost of building the same, also that of the Lunatic Asylum, at Hay ward's Heath; the School Board, County liabilities, and a host of others, which amount to and absorb a very considerable sum of money. We trust the time is approaching when the Legislature, in its wisdom, will sec the necessity for the passing of an enactment providing that no payments shall be made from the rate for the Poor beyond those strictly within its province, and for which the rate is solely intended. Another reason for the repeal of this defect is the fact that it has a tendency to lower us in the scale of nations, in that it might be inferred therefrom that our poor tax is an immense one, by reference to the great sum collected annually for the use of the poor,—thus representing a large per centago of paupers of the whole population of this kingdom, when it is well known among us that tho bulk of the sum ostensibly raised for the poor relief is diverted into other channels.
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