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formed,—Corporationists and Anti-Corporationists,—each side submitting lists of six candidates for the different wards,—the required number to be elected,—and no single competitor entered the lists with the exception of Mr Henry Martin, who announced himself as a candidate, and fought successfully the battle, independent of the party nominees, he being returned for the Pavilion Ward. The following were the successful candidates at this memorable election, which took place on the 30th day of May, 1854 :—
Pavilion Ward.
J. Cordy Burrows, I. G. Bass, E. Burn, D. M. Folkard, W. Catt, Henry Martin.
Park Ward.
W. Hallett, Jno. Fawcett, T. West, E. M. Phillips, T. Warner, Geo. Kennedy.
St. Nicholas' Ward.
W. Beedham, W. G. Sawyer, T. Cooper, W. Bentley, A. Cobbett, M. B. Tennant.
West Ward.
E.  Taylor, J. Ellis,
W. Silverthorne, P. Walton, G. Cobb,
F. Wright.
St. Peter's Ward.
H. Schilling, G-^Attrec, W. Stevens, J. Soper, J. Andrews, D. Friend.
Pier Ward.
W. Alger, W. D. Savage, E. M. Webb, Win. Hill, Charles Stone, E. Sattin.
The first meeting of the new body took place on the 7th of June following, at which Major John Fawcett was
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