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elected Mayor, and the two Councillors highest on the poll for each Ward were elected Aldermen, viz. :—
Pavilion Ward.—Messrs Burrows and Bass. Pier Ward.—Mossrs Alger and W. D. Savage. Park Ward.—Messrs Hallett and Fawcett. St. Peter's Ward.—Messrs Schilling and Attree. St. Nicholas Ward.—Messrs Beedham and Sawyer. West Ward.—Messrs Taylor and Ellis.
The vacancies occasioned by the election of the above Councillors as Aldermen were filled up as follows :—
Pavilion Ward.—Messrs Cox and Bull.
Pier Ward.—Messrs Brigden and Fiest.
Park Ward.—Messrs Chamberlain and B. Webb.
St. Peter's Ward.—Messrs E. J. Burn and J. Martin.
St. Nicholas Ward.—Messrs J. Patching and S. Saunders.
West Ward.—Messrs Harris and H. S. Turrell.
At the same meeting * Charles Sharood, Esq., received the appointment of Town Clerk.
The machinery of the Corporation having been fully set in motion, it soon became evident that the body of Commissioners (which still existed) could not continue to act, as the powers exercised by each would soon come into collision; and, again, it was incompatible with the interests of the town that two bodies antagonistic to each other should exist. Active measures were therefore taken by the inhabitants to secure the election to fill the vacancies yearly occurring in the Commission (one-third of the body retiring) of persons who were favourable to the power of the Commissioners being merged into that of the Corporation, and this desired object was finally brought about on the 9th day of May, 1855, at a Meeting of the
* Succeeded on the 6th March, 1863, by David Black, Esq., who was appointed Clerk to the Local Board, April 23, 1863, on the introduction of the Act. He has also held the office of Borough Coroner since the 1st of January, 1855. Mr Francis John Tillstone, Chief Clerk, was appointed to his office on the 2nd May, 1863.
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