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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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which have mainly assisted in giving to Brighton the proud title of " Queen of Watering Places." His talent as a negociator was of eminent service to the town in obtaining loans on favourable terms, and in nothing perhaps was this quality more strikingly displayed than with regard to the purchase of the Royal Pavilion property from the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, and which he obtained for the town at a price far below what would have been gladly given by private speculators. As an acknowledgment of his services to the town, in this and other respects, a marble bust of Mr Slight, an excellent likeness, by Pepper, our talented local artist, the fund for which was raised by a subscription chiefly among the members of the Town Council, has been placed in the entrance hall of the Royal Pavilion, where it holds a conspicuous position beside those of the Rev. F. W. Robertson, Sir David Scott, and several other Brighton worthies and notabilities. Placed in so prominent and critical a position in the eyes of his fellow-townsmen, he was on various occasions made the mark of malicious or ignorant attack, and in these encounters his opponents always came off second best. When the town was incor­porated, an attempt was made to damage him by an inspection and scrutiny of the public accounts under his charge; but the scrutiny failed to elicit anything to his prejudice, the only discovery made being that they were kept by a system of his own, and not in exact accordance with methods generally adopted in keeping public accounts. About a year before the town was incorporated, Mr Slight resigned the office of Clerk to the Commissioners, and was succeeded by his son, Mr Lewis Slight, jun., his former assistant, who held it jyro tern, until the Incorporation came into effect, and was then retained in the position of Borough Accountant until his death in 1862. At a subsequent period Mr Slight entered into some unsuc­cessful business speculations, by which his circum-
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