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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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think the time will arrive when these parishes must be united to the Municipal Borough, aa it is obvious that by such annexation advantages would accrue which cannot be obtained under differently-constituted authorities. One disadvantage especially connected with the adminis­tration of justice calls for immediate remedy, viz.: the cases that arise in Hove, if a committal takes place from the Hove Bench of Magistrates, are sent to Lewes, there to await trial at the Quarter Sessions for the Eastern Division of the County, thereby incurring a large outlay of time and money, by reason of the distance being greater; whereas, if Hove was incorporated with this Borough, prisoners might be tried at its Quarter Sessions in Brighton, thus obviating the inconvenience and extra expense consequent upon witnesses' attendance at Lewes. The ill-effects of a divided jurisdiction are also very glaring with respect to hackney car­riages, the drivers of such not being amenable for over­charging when hired from the stand to go out of the parishes for which they are licensed, either Bench of Magis­trates not being able to adjudicate in such cases. Other benefits might be pointed out, but we feel that our neigh­bours in Hove will, on the score of taxation, object to this step being taken, though perhaps, in the course of time, matters in this respect will be assimilated ; but, if otherwise, the benefit of the common weal should pre­ponderate over all other considerations, as, without doubt, Hove is an integral part of this town, enjoying a common benefit therewith.
The Mayor and Corporation, in furthering all improvements, assist materially the development and advancement of the town, thus making it in reality the "Queen of watering places" and London super-mare. The Corporate body have recently resolved to pay £7,000 towards the Aquarium now in progress, which when completed, coupled with the new road southward of the
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