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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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having to travel to the western to record their votes, an enormous expense to the respective candidates, which loudly called for remedy. The ferry tolls were heavy, and the property of the Priory of Hardham.
In 1832, a suspension bridge of truly handsome design, and known as " Norfolk Bridge," was built by Bernard Edward, Duke of Norfolk,—the purpose of its erection being the shortening of the distance to Worthing by the South Lancing route : but in consequence of the incursions of the sea, it has for years failed to realise the object of its founder. Between this bridge and the old tontine bridge before alluded to, theLondon, Brighton, and South-Coast Railway have constructed one expressly for the passage of their Portsmouth traffic,—this step necessita­ting the purchase from the Duke of Norfolk of its aged contemporary above.
Shoreham Church is an edifice remarkable for its rich­ness, elegance, and diversity, and may justly be said to present an excellent school for the study of our ancient architecture. This grand and venerable building stands near the entrance of the road from Brighton, and is the remnant of a truly sublime structure; but it has lost a magnificent portion in the nave, only a small part of it remaining, which has been walled up in such a manner, as not only to preserve fragments of what is destroyed, but to save the appearance of an ancient end,—an instance not very common. The present west entrance, — probably the original, is a pointed arch, decorated in every respect with Saxon ornaments, and supported by Saxon capitals. The design is curious, but much mutilated. Over this is a small pointed window, of four or five divisions, not of very early date. The walls of the edifice are Saxon, and the windows, buttresses, &c, of this work remain unusually entire.
The tower, at the intersection of the great cross aisles, is in two stories, and not lofty, the first having two Saxon
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