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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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in the Churchyard, and here are the lines in memoriam of this famous brewer :—
THOMAS TIPPER, Who departed this Life, May ye 14th, 1785,
Aged 54 Years.
Reader with kind regard this grave survey,
Nor heedless pass where Tipper's ashes lay ;
Honest he was, ingenious, blunt, and kind,
And dared do what few dare to :—speak his mind.
Philosophy and History well he knew,
Was versed in Physic and Surgery too.
The best old Stingo he both brewed and sold ;
Nor did one knavish act to get his gold.
He played through life a varied comic part,
And knew immortal Hudibras by heart.
Reader, in real truth, such was the man ;
Be better, wiser, laugh more, if you can.
In the royal days of Brighton,—during the times of George IV. and William IV.,—there was a great consump­tion of this popular " Tipper." It was even partaken of by Royalty, and its sale extended unto the metropolis, but of late years has much declined : it is still brewed on its original premises.
In the neighbouring barracks of East Blatchington the Oxford Militia were quartered at the time of their mutiny and breaking into the tide-mill at Bishopstone (now in the occupation of Messrs. Catt and Stonham), which they plundered, and afterwards wantonly emptied into the river a cargo of corn. Two of the ringleaders,— Cooke and Parish, — were tried for their share in the crime, and condemned to be shot. This sentence was carried into execution at Goldstone Bottom, on the 13th of June, 17(J5,—and is treated of in "Brighton Camps," a foregoing chapter in this work.
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