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From The Earliest Known Period To The Present Time.

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to desert their devotions for the beach. The clergyman immediately shouted out at the top of his voice, " Hold! four words before you go, " Let's all start fair ! " By this time he had divested himself of his gown and left with the rest for the scene of operations on the beach.
Many evidences of Roman occupation of the neigh­bourhood are still traceable. About a mile to the east of the town, and near the cliffs, there is an earthwork which plainly indicates that, in early ages, it was a Roman en­campment. Coins and urns have been found belonging to the Roman era, also bones, and other vestiges of mortality.
The author of this work recommends visitors to Brighton, who covet a pleasant ramble, to take a ride to Seaford, by the South-Coast Railway, and then to commence their peregrinations,—following the " Chalk line " to Eastbourne, which will amply repay for the fatigue from mounting " the Charles's"—cliffs so-called,— that will be met with on the way, the journey being so diversified,—hill, dale, and objects of the greatest interest being frequently met with. In the autumn of 1869, the writer, accompanied by an esteemed friend, G. H. Evershed, Esq. (formerly an inhabitant of Seaford), traversed this route, and to him he is indebted for much information in connection therewith.
After passing Puck Church Parlor we arrive at Cuckmere Haven, which derives its name from a small river that flows into the sea from a level at that spot. It rises in the parishes of Heathfield and Waldron, and during the winter months this level assumes the appearance of a " mere " or lake. It was thought, some years since, by the Dutch Government, admirably suited for the purposes of a Harbour on this dangerous coast; and as at that time they were more engaged in maritime commerce than our own nation,—having a number of vessels employed in theBatavia and East India trade, &c,
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