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was £50 and for a double one £25 from each candidate. In addition to which the widow of a deceased voter usually received the same sums immediately after her husband's death. The voters themselves paid little or no rent for their houses; their doctor's bills were paid by the candi­dates' agents; and at' Christmas, a regular distribution of coals, bread, and beef took place. The voters of the period declared in their petition presented to the House that they were perfectly free from the sins of their predecessors, and we trust this is the case. We can scarcely however reconcile it with the facts, that it cost Captain Lyon nearly £4000 to poll the 39 voters in 1830 ; that no less than 36 dozens of wine were drunk at one Inn during the contest; and that at Christmas a distribution of meat and coals took place."
Within the last few years Seaford has exhibited considerable vitality, partly owing to the patronage it receives from visitors in the summer and autumn seasons, —for whose accommodation a number of houses have been erected; but mainly due to a branch line that has been constructed thereto (having a station at Bishopstone). This branch is a continuation of the line from London to Newhaven and Quay, the purposes of the latter being the convenience of the large numbers of passengers embarking and disembarking, both by day and by night, at all seasons of the year, to and from the Continent.
W. Curtis, Printer, Gazette Ofiice, North Street, BriGhton.
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