The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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FROM an enormous mass of material available, never yet collected into one volume, and much of it never before put into print, I have selected that which is of general as distinguished from purely antiquarian interest. I have endeavoured to sketch the rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions—those which have passed away, as well as those which still exist.
In my researches I have received valuable help from very many, both old friends and those who, until this work was taken in hand, were entire strangers to me. My grateful thanks are especially due to the officials at Somerset House, the Record Office, the Charity Commission and Brighton Free Library and of the L.B. & S.C. Eailway Company for courteous assistance readily rendered at all times. I also desire to express my gratitude for the loan of documents and rare books and for help in other ways to the Most Noble the Marquess of Abergavenny, the Eight Hon. the Earl of Liverpool, Sir Augustus Oakes, the Eev. D. Y. Blakiston, Mr. J. Batchelar (Lingfield), Mr. W. H. Campion (Danny), Mr. F. G. Courthope (Lewes), the Eev. C. W. Payne Crawfurd, Mr. E. P. Crawfurd, Mr. Jury Cramp (Horsham), the Chaplain and Mother Superior of St. Margaret's, Mr. C. H. Everard, Mr. D. W. Freshfield, Miss M. K. G-ainsford (Keston), Mr. A. H. Hastie, Mr. Evelyn A. Head, Mr. W. A. Head, Mr. James Harrison, Mr. E. P. Whitley Hughes, Mr. Alan Huggett, Mr. S. J.
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