The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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X.                                                PREFACE.
Huggett, Mr. J. E. Lark, Mr. John Moon, Mr. J. R. Pearless, Mr. J. J. Pierce (Lamberhurst), Mr. R. G. Payne, Mr. J. Eice, Mr. H. Smeed, Miss Stenning, Mr. J. C. Stenning, Mr. W. V. K. Stenning, Mr. Alan Stenning, Rev. C. N. Sutton (Withyham), Rev. A. J. Swainson, Mr. John Tooth, Mr. F. Tooth, Mr. A. W. True and Mr. Edward Young.
My grateful thanks are particularly due to Mr. R. P. Crawfurd, Mr. A. H. Hastie, Mr. Evelyn A. Head and Mr. J. C. Stenning for their great assistance in reading and correcting proofs. In fact I have received nothing but kindness from all I have approached, and my task has thereby been made an exceedingly pleasant one. To mention all the published works which have been consulted would be impossible, but it is only right that I should acknowledge the great help which the Sussex Archaeological Society's Collections have been to me.
I sincerely hope this book will be found to supply, in some small measure, a want which has long been felt.
LaNsdowne House,
East Grinstead,
April, 1906.
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