The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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10                        HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
and departed on Wednesday, July 1st, for Leigh, on his way to Canterbury, where he was married for the second time on September 10th. In connection with this Royal visit a record is in existence of the following payments:
To the Clerk of the Marshalsea, advanced for the cure of certain sick horses of the King by the hand of Nicholas the Marshal, 10s., and for 8 quarters of oats at 2s. 6d., 20s.; to the Clerk of the Kitchen, for 2 quarters of wheat bought of Isabella de Puleyne at Chichester at 6s. per quarter, 12s.; to the Clerk of the Pantry, for 6 score gallons of beer bought from Gunnora, wife of Walter Alewede, 4s. 2d.; and for 55 gallons of beer from Peter de Hakenden, 4s. 7d.
In the reign of Edward III. the lordship of the town belonged to Reginald Cobham, Lord Stereborough, who in 1340 procured a charter of free-warren, namely, an exclusive right to kill all hares, rabbits, partridges and pheasants over its area, and he left it so privileged to his son, Reginald, in 1361.
According to the Harleian MSS. an inquisition was taken in 1559 in regard to the extent of the Borough of East Grinstead, and the jurors found that it wasó
a Liberty of itself, without any intermeddling of ye hundred, or vice versa; is within ye parish of East Grinstead, within ye Dutchy of Lancaster and ye liberty of ye same. There is contained within the said boro' of lands and tenements, as they are divided, 48 burgages, 47 Portlands, 24 cottages, besides a stable and a smith's forge, and there be divers owners of the said burgages. The burgage holders and cottagers are all the Queen's tenants, and hold their tenements of her Majestie, as of her Manor of East Grinstead, by fealty only and suit of Court. This boro' is within the Liberty of the Dutchy and within ye parish of East Grinstead only, and there is no more of ye boro' of East Grinstead, but only ye town, and yet there is a common or heath, which is a common appendant to ye said boro', and lieth also within ye said boro' and i3 altogether within ye said parish of East Grinstead and within ye said Dutchy and Liberty of yo same. This boro' boundeth to ye lands of John Duffield, called Browning's Cross, and to ye glebe land of ye Parsonage of north part; to Love Lane of ye east part; to ye lands of John Duffield the elder, and lands late John Leedes of ye south; of ye Queen's highway leading from said boro' to Westleigh and to ye lands' late Richard Homewood west. Ye said common or heath boundeth to Edw. Goodwin's lands south; to certain copyhold lands belonging to Imberhorne manor and ye demesne lands of said manor west; to ye lands of Thos. Sands, Esq., lands Birchcroft, Edw. Goodwin's lands, a croft late Thos. Durkins, ye lands of Wm. Outred and John Besh, lands belonging to ye George Inn and Wm. Langridge's tenements; and it is to be remembered that there is on ye common or heath one little piece of ground called the Windmill
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