The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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1363.    Gregorius atte Hole and Johannes Alfray. 1364-5. Gregorius atte Hole and . . . Holyndale.
1366.     Gregorius atte Hole and Ricardus Clerk.
1368.    Gregorius atte Hole and Johannes Alfray.
1369.    Thomas Eston and Galfridus Cook.
1371.    Gregorius atte Hole.
1372.    Galfridus Cook and Gregorius atte Hole.
1373.    Eicardus Mayhew and Eicardus Danyel.
1378.    Eicardus Hygon and Eicardus Woghere or Wowere.
" Woghere" is possibly the same as the modern name of Woolgar, which is well known in East Grinstead and common throughout Sussex.
1381.    Johannes atte Sloughtre or Sleghtre and Johannes Farlegh.
1382.    Eicardus Woghere and Eicardus Danyel. 1382-3. Thomas Wykes or Wyke and Johannes Dyn.
John Dyn or Dyne was probably descended from the Dynes of Wikedyn, Northampton, who came over with the Conqueror and branches of which family afterwards settled at Bethersden, Kent, and Westfield and East Grinstead, in Sussex. The present representative of this old family is Mr. John Bradley-Dyne, of Lincolns Inn, Barrister-at-law, one of the Conveyancing Counsel to the Court of Chancery.
1383.    Johannes Sleghtre and Thomas Wyke.
1384.    Eicardus Danyell and Eicardus Wcghere.
1385.    Eicardus Danyel and Eicardus Woghere. 1387-8. Johannes Dyn or Dyne and Johannes Heldele. 1388. Eicardus Wowere and Willielmus Nelond. 1391. Johannes Alfray and Johannes Dyn. 1392-3. Thomas Easse and Thomas Aleyn.
1394-5. Thomas Farlegh and Willielmus atte Hulle. 1396-7. Johannes Punget and Johannes Dyn. 1397. Johannes Dyn and Johannes Punget. 1399. Johannes Dyne and Eicardus Woghere. 1402. Johannes Dyne and Eicardus Wowere. 1407. Johannes Dyn and Eicardus Wowere.
In this year the Commons established the Constitu­tional maxim that all money grants must originate in their House and not in the Lords.
1413.    Johannes Hoke and Thomas Aleyn.
1414.    Johannes Dyn and Thomas Wower.
1419. Willielmus Fenynghani and Johannes Hamnie.
The Fenningham or Frenyngham family lived at Waldron and during Jack Cade's insurrection the rebels
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