The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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ITS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.                        25
plundered their house of precious stones and other valuables and held the owner, William Fenningham, possibly the member who sat for East Grinstead in 1436, to ransom.
1421. Johannes Wower and Eicardus Fowell.
The Fowles are still a well-known East Grinstead family.
1421.    Johannes Alfray and Johannes Wower.
1422.    Willielmus Fenningham and Johannes Alfray.
1423.    Johannes Wowere and Johannes Dyne. 1425-6. Johannes Wowere and Georgius Eyr.
This was the " Parliament of Bats," which met at Leicester, so called because the members had to take cudgels to protect themselves.
1427. Johannes Mason and Ricardus Foull. 1429. Thomas Bordeveld and Eicardus Foghell. 1430-1. Johannes Huddle or Hudde and Jacobus Janyn.
1432.    Jacobus Janyn and Johannes Hudde.
1433.    Jacobus Janyn and Thomas Russell. 1435. Robertus Davers and Johannes Page. 1436-7. Willielmus Fenyngham and Johannes Wogher. 1441-2. Ricardus Dalby and Willielmus Redeston. 1446-7. Johannes Alfray and Radulphus A. Legh. 1448-9. Johannes Blakeney and Johannes Stokke.
1449.    Hugo Huls and Johannes Blakeney.
1450.    Johannes Alfray and Johannes Westbourne.
The dates hitherto given are those on which Parlia­ment was summoned to meet. In the original records the actual dates of election at East Grinstead now begin to find a place, and where these can be ascertained they are inserted.
1452-3, Feb. 20th. Bicardus Strickland and Johannes Alfray.
1459.    Johannes Alfray and Robertus Rednesse.
1460.    Thomas Chaloner and Ricardus Alfray.
Thomas Chaloner lived at Deanlands, Hurstpierpoint, and was one of the well-known Cuckfield Chaloners. He died on January 3rd, 1481. In 1621-2 one member of the family married Fortune Mascall, a widow, of East Grinstead, and in 1632 Richard Chaloner was a mercer in East Grinstead. He married Anne Bryant, of this town, and then removed to Cuckfield.
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