The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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ITS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.                        31
of the Garter and Chancellor of Oxford University, being finally raised, on Lord Burleigh's death in 1598, to the office of High Treasurer of England, in which appointment he was continued by King James, who made him Earl of Dorset on March 13th, 1604. At a Council Meeting at Whitehall on April 19th, 1608, he had an apopletic seizure and died suddenly, leaving behind him, sa}rs Southey, " an umblemished reputation in murderous times." He was buried at Withyham.
1558-9, Jan. 14th. Thomas Sackvile and Humphrey Lloyd. 1562-3, John Sackvile and Lawrence Banister.
1571.    Sir John Jefferay and Henry Berkley.
Sir John Jefferay was raised to the judicial bench five years after his election for East Grinstead. Having held the appointment a year and a half he became Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, but died in the succeeding year "at London in the Ward of Collmans Streate, 13 May, 20th Elizabeth." His mother was, before her marriage, Miss Elizabeth Whitfeld, and it was one of her relatives who afterwards owned Rowfant and carried on the ironworks there. Sir John was a considerable owner of property in and around the parish of Chiddingly, in Sussex.
1572.    Thomas Cure and Michael Heneage.
Thomas Cure, of Southwark, in the year he was first elected, presented East Grinstead with its coat of arms. He was Lord of the Manor of Lavorty, and died May 25th, 1588.
Michael Heneage in turn represented Arundel, East Grinstead, Tavistock and Wigan. He was a famous antiquary, and he and his brother were appointed joint keepers of the records in the Tower. Though living in London he was a landed proprietor in Essex. He died December 30th, 1600.
1584, Oct. 22nd. Francis Alforde.
158G, Oct. 1st. John Coverte and Drew Pickesse.
The first-named of these members lived at I^whurst and was the second son of Richard Covert, of Slaugham. He married Charity, daughter of Sir Martin Bowes, jun.,
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