The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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38                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
1675, and went to the House of Lords, a new writ being issued for East Grinstead, for which town he was then Member, on April 4th of that year. On the accession of James II. he withdrew from the Court, being strongly opposed to many of the stringent measures directed against the Protestants. He was one of those mainly instrumental in placing the Prince of Orange on the throne, and he got his immediate reward by being made Lord Chamberlain of the Household to King William. On Feb. 3rd, 1691, he was created a Knight of the Garter. He died at Bath, Jan. 19th, 1705-6, and a month later was buried at Withy ham.
1678. Capt, Edward Sackville.
This Member was son of Richard, Earl of Dorset, and he died while representing East Grinstead. He was buried at Withy ham on Oct. 18th, 1678, and a new writ was issued for East Grinstead on the 28th of the same month.
1678-9, Feb. 14th. Thomas Pelham and Henry Powle.
This election seems to indicate the existence of a family quarrel between some members of the Sackville family. Richard, Earl of Dorset, died on August 27th, 1677, and left a widow, Frances. In 1687 Henry Powle appears as owner of the Manor of Imberhorne "jure uxoris, Frs. Countess of Dorset," he having married the Dowager Countess. The marriage was apparently ignored by the Sackville family, for at her death she was buried as " The Rt. Honble. Frances Countess Dowager of Dorset, wife to the Rt. Honble. Richard Earl of Dorset," her relationship to Mr. Powle being unmentioned. The Dorset nominees at this elec­tion would appear to have been Thomas Pelham and Edward Sackville. They were opposed by Henry Powle and William Scroggs. The bailiff returned the two former as duly elected. It was in this year that the terms Whig and Tory first came into use. On March 18th, 1678-9, as soon as Parliament met, several of the inhabitants of East Grinstead complained that there had been an undue return at this election and that Henry
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