The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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ITS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.                        41
There are 29 other entries of cottagers paying 2d. each, but the occupation of these did not confer the privilege of voting. The total rental was 1. 14s. lid.
The manorial rent for each burgage was, therefore, threepence and for a portland the same. The portlands were small fields or portions of the common-land of the Borough allotted to burgages in much the same way as common rights of pasture on Ashdown Forest were allotted to estates in East Grinstead and other parishes. The Portland Road in East Grinstead is so named because some early deeds of that estate show that some of the portlands were there situate. It ought properly to be called Portlands Road, its present name suggesting that it had something to do with the Portland family, which is not the case.
1679, Aug. 19th. The Hon. Goodwyn Wharton and William Jephson.
The Hon. Goodwyn Wharton was no doubt connected with Lord Wharton, whose descendant, Philip Wharton, was created Duke of Wharton, January 20th, 1718, but was attainted for joining the Chevalier, and all the family honours died with him. Goodwyn Wharton was appointed by James II. one of the Lords of the Admiralty.
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