The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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Grinstead, succeeded his father as Baronet on March 3rd, 1677, and died October 21st, 1706.
Thomas Sackville belonged to Sedlescombe, near Battle, and in 1688, replying to the test questions, stated that he was for liberty of conscience and was prepared to support the King's declaration and to live friendly with those of all persuasions as subjects of the same Prince and as good Christians ought to do.
This election was petitioned against by John Conyers, and the question as to who really had the right to vote was again fully gone into. Witnesses were called on either side, some averring that the inhabitants generally had often voted, others that only burgage holders had done so. The Committee came to the conclusion that the privilege did not rest with the latter only, and that John Conyers, and not Sir Thomas Dyke, should have been declared elected; but the House disagreed with the report and Sir Thomas retained the seat.
1689-90, Feb. 25th. Thomas Sackville and Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart.
Thomas Sackville died while still Member, and a new writ was issued on January 5th, 1692-3.
1692-3, Jan. 18th. Simon Smith.
Smith died before Parliament was dissolved and a new writ was issued on Feb. 2nd, 1694-5.
1694-5, Feb. 26th. Et. Hon. Lyonell, Earl of Orrery and Baron of Broghill.
In reference to this by-election the Steward's accounts to Charles, Duke of Dorset, contain the following entries :
Charge of electing my Lord Orrery a Burgess for the Borough of East Grinstead on Mr. Smith's death as
by bills......................................0044 05 10
To the Bingers in Beer x8........................ 0000 10 00
To Mr. Jodrell for the Speaker's order 06" 8d. Secretary Blan for the Warrant x*. Ld. Keeper's Secretary for the Writt a Guinea being then xxv\ To the Sheriffe for the precept xl". To the Sollicitor for his fee and often attending xx* all 0005 01 08
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