The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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ITS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.                      53
country as a politician. He filled some of the highest offices in the State, being for many years Secretary for the American department prior to the war of indepen≠dence. He was elevated to the Peerage on February 11th, 1782, as Baron Bolebrook and Viscount Sackville and died October 10th, 1795. He lived at Stoneland Lodge, Sussex, and was the owner of much of the Sackville property situate within the Borough, and according to an Act passed on May 6th, 1811, for vesting the estate in trustees, it comprised 33 distinct tenancies, let at rents amounting to £467. 15s. per annum.
1774, Oct. 10th. Lord George Germaine (Sackville) and Lt.-Gen.
1775, Nov. 15th. Lord George Germaine (Sackville).
This was a by-election consequent on Lord George being made one of the Principal Secretaries of State and having to seek re-election.
1780, Sept. 8th. Lord George Germaine (Sackville) and Lt.-Gen. Sir John Irwine.
Lord George was made a peer during this Parliament, and a new writ was issued for East Grinstead, February 12th, 1782. Sir John Irwine was Colonel of the 57th Regiment of Foot, Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in Ireland, and a Privy Councillor of that kingdom. He accepted the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds, and a new writ was issued April 25th, 1783.
1782, Feb. 19th. Henry Arthur Herbert.
1783, May 3rd. George Medley.
This Member was the owner of several local properties, including " The Chequer Inn," subsequently named " The Dorset Head," and two fields called " Pigeon House or Slaughter House" and " Play-field," let to the then Vicar for £12. 15s. a year. These were sold to Lord George Sackville, of Minden fame. Medley also owned Buxted Place, Friston Place and Coneyboro' Park, all in this county, acquiring these properties on the deaths of his three elder brothers. His father was Thomas Medley and his mother a daughter of Sir Samuel Dash wood, Lord Mayor of London, and granddaughter of John
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