The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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ITS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT.                      59
the Rev. P. W. Pegus and the Dowager Countess of Lindsey. He died September 18th, 1853.
1818, June 19th. Lord Strathaven and the Hon. Charles Cecil Cope Jenkinson.
This election afforded the rare instance of nephew and uncle being returned for the same constituency. The second of these Members afterwards became the third Earl of Liverpool. He was a son of the first Earl of Liverpool, his mother being a daughter of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, Bart., of Parham, Sussex. He was a Page of Honour to George III., served in the Royal Navy 1794-7 and fought in several naval actions, including Lord Howe's victory of June 1st, 1794. He was afterwards attached to the Embassy at Vienna, and, later, fought at Austerlitz as a volunteer in the Austrian army. He held various posts as an Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of his brother, who was Prime Minister for 15 years. He was Lord Steward of the Household to Queen Victoria from 1841 to 1846, and died at Buxted on Oct. 3rd, 1851. He lived for a time at Felbridge Place, having acquired that property in 1810 by marriage with Julia, the only daughter of Sir George Augustus William Shuck-burgh-Evelyn, a baronet distinguished for his scientific researches, and who married in 1785 Julia Annabella, daughter and sole heiress of James Evelyn, of Felbridge Place. Shuckburgh Cottage, in East Grinstead, is named after this nobleman, but the family belonged to Warwick, where it had been located for over eight centuries. The Member for East Grinstead, who became the third Earl of Liverpool, was also Baron Hawkesbury, and the latter title was revived in 1893, when his grandson, the Rt. Hon. Cecil George Savile Foljambe, was raised to the Peerage as Baron Hawkesbury, and the former in 1906, when he became Earl of Liverpool.
1820, March 9th. Lord Strathaven and the Hon. C. C. C. Jenkinson. 1826, June 9th. Lord Strathaven and the Hon. C. C. C. Jenkinson. 1829, Feb. 11th. The Et. Hon. William Pitt Amherst, Lord Viscount Holmesdale.
This Member afterwards became Earl Amherst, and he lived to see East Grinstead, as a County Parliamentary
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