The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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THE PARISH CHURCH.                              71
In addition to many works, the cost of which has been defrayed by public subscription, the following personal gifts have been made towards the adornment or furnishing of the existing fabric:
Work.                                                Donors.
The Eestoration of the Chancel Eev. C. W. P. Crawfurd. East Window ............ Miss E. H. Clarke, in memory of her
parents. First Window in South Aisle Mrs. Stenning, in memory of her
husband, William Stenning. Second ,, ,, ,, The Misses Clarke, "In Memoriam,"
by desire of their father, G. E.
Clarke, and other members of his
family. Fourth ,, ,, ,, ,, Mrs. A. K. Whyte, in memory of her
husband, John Whyte. Fifth ,, ,, ,, ,, Miss K. G. Clarke, in memory of her
sister, Eebecca Worrell Clarke. First ,, ,, North ,, Mrs. Buckley, in memory of Richard
Theodore Buckley. Second ,, ,, ,, ,, The Misses Moir, in memory of their
parents, Peter and Margaret Moir. Altar Table, Bed Frontal and
Credence Table.......... Miss E. H. Clarke.
Carved Oak Pulpit ........ The Misses Clarke, erected by desire of
their father, George Elliott Clarke,
to the memory of his wife, Bebecca,
his only son, Forster Mayers, and
his daughter, Marion Crawfurd
Oak Lectern.............. Bev. C. W. P. Crawfurd.
Service Books ............ Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Murchison.
,, ,, ............ Sir George Wyatt Truscott and Lady
Truscott. The Organ................ The Mother Superior and Sisters of
St. Margaret's. Decoration of the Organ-pipes Eev. D. Y. Blakiston. The Gates at the South Porch Mrs. Covey, in memory of her husband,
the late George Covey. Bell - ropes and Chiming
Apparatus.............. Eev. C. W. P. Crawfurd.
Some interesting gifts are referred to in the will, dated July 8th, 1507, of John Payne, of Pixtons. The following is translated from the original Latin:
In the name of God Amen. I John Payii the elder of fforestrowe in the parish of Estgrensted being of sound mind and memory make my
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