The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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2.    Dallingridge.............................. 7 foot.
3.    Hazleden ................................ 8 foot.
4.    Sheppards & Scarletts...................... 8 foot.
Leonard Gale, Esq., Owner ; Arthelbert Wicking, Tenant.
5.    The Manor of Weild, alias Wallhill, 10 foot. William Peek,
Esq., Owner ; Thomas Martin, Tenant.
6.    Ridgehill, 9 foot. John Shelley, Esq., Owner; Abraham
Huggett, Tenant.
7.    Millplace, 8 foot. John Conyers, Esq., Owner; Edward Creasey,
8.    Homestall, 8 foot. Charles Goodwine, Esq., Owner; Ninnon
Creasey, Tenant.
9.    Pauls farm, 4 foot. John Storror, Owner.
10.    Mays farm, 11 foot. Michael Mateire, Gentleman, Owner;
Edward Bannister, Tenant.
11.    Frampost, Thomas Maynard, Owner; Edward Godley, Tenant,
4 foot.
12.    Charlwood, Elizabeth Nickoll, Owner; Robert Langridge, Tenant,
■i foot.
13.    Whalesbeech, 12 foot. John Biddulph, Esq., Owner; Henry
Lindley, Tenant.
14.    Lovekines, 7 foot. Mary Thatcher and Sarah Wheeler, Owners ;
Jno. Payne, Wheelrit, Tenant.
15.    Harwoods. John Hurst, Gentleman, Owner; Henry Johnson,
Gentleman, Tenant, foot.
16.    Senclere, Brambletye, Twenty and nine foot. Jno. Biddulph,
Esq., Owner; Henry Lindley, Tenant.
17.    Boylies, Fifteen foot. Thomas White, Gentleman, Owner; John
Tyler, Tenant.
18.    Cullens, Ten foot. John Biddulph, Esq., Owner; Thomas
Suxford, Gentleman, Tenant.
19.    Eenvills, Twenty foot. John Biddulph, Esq., Owner; Herbert
Maynard, Tenant.
20.    Putters Worsteds, Nine foot. John Pickering, Gentleman,
Owner ; Nathaniel Austen, Tenant.
21.    Worsteds. John Earle, Owner; Eight foot. Pichard Goodwyne,
22.    Bucknors, Brokehurst, Five foot. Jno. Pickering, Esq., Owner;
Nathaniel Moore, Gentleman, Tenant.
23.    The Manor of Brokehurst. James Tulley, Gentleman, Owner,
being the carrying gate contain'g Ten foot. Jervise Thorpe, Tenant.
24.    The Bower, Thirty foot and the stile, 5 foot, in all, thirty and
five foot. Jno. Payne, Gentleman, Owner.
25.    The Shewill, Ten foot. Widow Woodgate, Owner.
26.    Pickstones, Ten foot. John Conyers, Esq., Owner; William
Norris, Tenant.
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